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Lorestan University

History of Foundation:

Lorestan University, founded in 1977, as a campus of the Jundi-Shapour University, as a Higher Education Institute. At that time, there were 100 students studying in four academic courses: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, Lorestan Campus got its independence from the Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz and kept its activities with those four Departments. Currently, Lorestan University, as a public University affiliated with the Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), has six Faculties: Basic Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Literature and Humanity, and a number of higher education institutions.

During the last two years, the number of the courses at Lorestan University has reached from 64 courses in 2010 to 164 courses in 2013. Furthermore, 20 higher education degree programs at Bachelor, 35 at Masterand 43 at PhD levels have been added.

Facts and Figures

  • Total students 8955
  • Bachelor students 6321
  • Master s students 1714
  • PhD Students 784
  • Faculty Members 281
  • Non-Faculty Staffs 417
  • University Area 290 h

Goals and Ambitions:

  • growth of graduate school, both in graduate student numbers and an increase in the quality of graduate students and programs of study,
  • increase in the graduate admissions,
     expanding diversity in graduate school,
  • development, administration, and evaluation of graduate education throughout the university,
  • co-working with the faculties, program chairs, deans of Departments, graduate students (particularly through the Graduate Student Association),
  • developing academic policies and procedures,
  • assisting with the preparation of new graduate degree program and options,
  • implementing the enrollment management strategies at the graduate level,
  • monitoring the progress of graduate students toward further degrees,
  • improving quality and quantity of researches, theses and dissertations,
  • mentoring graduate students for further improvements,
  • processing the procedures for promoting admission of international students,
  • facilitating interdisciplinary programs at the University,
  • promoting and supporting research and sponsored programs at Lorestan University,
  • funding research projects, support for research development, post-award management and technology commercialization,
  • attempts to publish scientific journals according to our objectives,
  • promote the cultural and scientific level of the experts, technicians, students and practitioners of the fields relating to multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary cultural, social and economic development,
  • communication amongst the educational, scientific and research establishments as well as the researchers and experts in order to promote the transfer and exchange of knowledge as well as the awareness of modern scientific achievements,
  • promote the research and to help solve the scientific and technical problems relating to the challenges of Iran’s cultural, social and economic development,
  • contribute to Iran’s cultural, social and economic development by criticizing and examining the research, product and service plans and projects and how to implement them,

List of Journals at Lorestan University:

  1. Journal of Plant Genetic Research
  2. Journal of Epic Literature
  3. Journal of koranic studies in Literature
  4. The History of Culture and Civilization of Iran and Islam
  5. Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  6. Professors, scholars, researchers and students are invited to send their specialized articles for
  7. Publication to the respected journals

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