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Khorramabad Hotels Specification
a) ATR HOTEL – 3 star :

Khorramabad ATR hotel was debuted in 2016. This hotel is located on Enghelaab Avenue, next to Mosalla al-Ghadir also this hotel has 25 rooms ,one floor and no elevator. The rooms of hotel were categorized into double room, triple rooms, quad rooms and special suites with two beds which has bath tubs . It should be noted that some part of this hotel were improved in 2011. The three star ART hotel of Khorramabad is located at a distance of three kilometers to the Falak Olafalak castle and Qiu Lake, which is located in Khorramabad recreation and tourism areas.
Address : Next To Mosalli Al-Ghadir, Enghelaaab Avenue, Khorramabad, Lorestan
Phone : +98 66 3321 3180

b) Ranginkaman hotel – 4 star:

Khorramabad Ranginkaman hotel opened in 2013 in an area of 10,000 square meters which placed on the fourth to sixth floors of the Ranginkaman complex. this hotel have 37 rooms and one wheeler restaurant that is located on the last floor of the complex and have a beautiful view of Khorramabad nights and Falak Olaflak castle. This 4-star Hotel is located on the shohadaye sharqi street.
Address : The Corner Of Teacher Street, Ranginkaman Intersection, Shohadaye Sharqi Street, Khorramabad,  Lorestan
Phone: +98 66 3333 4747

c) Saliz hotel – 3 star:

Khorramabad Saliz hotel has been built in 2010. This hotel is located in the Imam Khomeini Square - Kakavandi Avenue and contains 5 floors and 34 rooms. Suitable location of this hotel in the center of the city makes it easy to access for dear visitors. this hotel has Other features such as Luxurious reception hall for celebrations with a capacity of 600 people , Two-story restaurant with Iranian, European and sea cuisine with a capacity of 200 people , Coffee Shop and other services. The hotel's location has caused The spectacular view of the Falak OlFalak castle and the brick minaret.
Address : kakavandi street, imam khomeyni square, khorramabad, Lorestan
Phone: +98 66 3343 4611

d) Jahangardi hotel – 3 star:

Jahangardi hotel near the Natural and beautiful Qiu Lake ,is located in Khoram Abad's 22 bahman square, Next to the office of voice and television and has 18 double rooms, suites (scattered on the Lush yard) and two villas, ready to serving the dear guests who choose this place to stay. 

Address : Next To The Office Of Voice And Television, Khorramabad, Lorestan 
Phone : +98 66-33238142 and +98 66-33225672

e) Azadi Hotel

Azadi Hotel Khoram Abad was launched in April 2017. This hotel has 28 accommodation units located in the first to fourth floors. Azadi Hotel is near Azadi Square in Khorramabad, and guests can visit the Falak Olaflak  Castle, located 1.3 km from the hotel. Khorramabad Quad Star Hotel, with its hospitable staff, hosts tourists. 

Address : Next To Sepah Bank, Mojaahedin Street,  Azadi Square , Khrramabad, Lorestan 

Phone :  +98 66 3332 7795

f) Arshia hotel

Hotel Arshia of  Khorramabad was built in 2009 in six floors. The hotel has 20 rooms with well-equipped facilities to cater to guests. The Arshia Hotel is located in the vicinity of Qiu lake and the view of the lake can be seen from the windows of the rooms. Restaurant and coffee shop are some of the facilities in the two-star Arshia Hotel. This hotel, with the good services and well-trained staff, is proud to host the dear tourists in Khorramabad city. 

Address : opposite the ziba kenar park,  Qiu Lake, , saheli street, Khorramabad, Lorestan 
Phone : +98 66 3324 0755
Phone :  +98 66 3332 7795

f) Shahrdari hotel

The 4-star Shahrdari hotel of Khorramabad is located in the center of the city, and is close to the administrative and spectacular places, also has the special facilities, which are the reasons for attracting travelers to this beautiful and lovely hotel. The hotel has features like Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Parking and Elevator. this hotel with its experienced staff is ready to welcome guests. 

Address : Green Street,  Shariati Street, Khorramabad, Lorestan
Phone: +98 66 3333 3900
Phone :  +98 66 3332 7795

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